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Grand House Chongqing

Grand House Chongqing is locate at the foot of Baoding Mountain,a sacred land of Buddhism in Dazu Rock Carvings scenic site, which enjoys equal popularity with Dunhuang Grotto, Yugang Grotto, Longmen Grotto and Maijishan Grottoes and has been listed by UNESCO into the World Culture Heritages;Grand House Chongqing is built leaning the mountains and near the waters with an overall floorage of more than 14,000 square meters, and the imitated ancient buildings are well-arranged. There are 148 villa-style “Buddhism” culture-themed view rooms; the supporting catering facilities include Bayu-specialty restaurants, catering, exclusive private rooms, teahouse and conference rooms; Grand House Chongqing also have personalized facilities including meditation room, book bar, parent-child amusement park, gym, chess and cards room, and KTV bar etc. Our dedicated cultural experience engineer will add surprises to your pilgrimage;